The Joey class is aimed at children age 1 to approximately 2 and a half years of age.

Both classes aim to combine discipline, play and learning. They focus on the development of motor-skills such as co-ordination and balance, general health and fitness, and ability to take instruction. These are all transferable skills and are not only vital to gymnastics but all other areas of life.

At this age, a very hands-on approach is taken, putting the children into the correct positions and guiding them through skills so that they learn the correct patterns of movement, before progressing to do skills on their own. We have found that, in order for the children to get the most out of the class, parent/guardian involvement is also essential.

When the coach feels that they are ready, children can then move up to the Kangaroo class, where they can choose to remain until they start full-time school, or alternatively until they join the Koalas at age 4.

Joey classes:

Tuesday 9.30-10.15

Wednesday 9.30-10.15

Thursday 9.30-10.15


Kangaroo classes:

Tuesday 10.30-11.15

Wednesday 10.30-11.15

Thursday 10.30-11.15

Saturday 10.00-10.45

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The Koalas class is aimed at children who are age 4, but not yet ready for the Level 1 class. Once they approach 4 years of age, children from the Kangaroos class will be offered the chance to attend the Koalas.

The children will work in small groups and have a more structured lesson. The children will be introduced to the key areas of gymnastics, and given the chance to safely use the equipment with the help of their coach. This will prepare them for their transition to the Level 1 classes.

Tuesday 13.00-13.45

Tuesday 14.00-14.45

Wednesday 13.00-13.45

Wednesday 14.00-14.45

Thursday 13.00-13.45

Thursday 14.00-14.45

Saturday 10.45-11.30

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At this age, there is still a big focus on discipline and hands-on development.
Whilst children will now be encouraged to develop their basic skills independently, a hands-on approach will still be taken in order for the individual to progress to more advanced skills. Fundamental motor-skills and co-ordination will be further developed upon, in order to integrate them into routines.

Monday 16.00-16.45

Monday 16.45-17.30

Tuesday 16.00-16.45

Wednesday 16.00-16.45

Thursday 16.00-16.45

Thursday 16.45-17.30

Friday 16.00-16.45

Saturday 11.30-12.15

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Lessons become more tailored around the individual and his/her ability. Areas of weakness are worked upon, whilst individual strengths are recognised and further developed.

As always, a hands-on approach is best way to teach new skills and therefore this will still occur when necessary, however, children will now learn to link multiple skills together, on their own, in order to learn how routines are formed.

Monday 17.30-18.15

Tuesday 16.45-17.30

Tuesday 17.30-18.15

Wednesday 16.45-17.30

Thursday 17.30-18.15

Friday 16.45-17.30

Saturday 12.15-13.00

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Coaching at this age is based even more so on the individual’s ability. The approach taken in this group is very similar to the year 2 group, however children will have the opportunity to learn more difficult or advanced skills, in a safe environment.

Monday 18.15-19.00

Tuesday 18.15-19.00

Wednesday 17.30-18.15

Wednesday 18.15-19.00

Thursday 18.15-19.00

Friday 16.45-17.30

Saturday 12.15-13.00

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These classes are aimed at teenagers of all abilities, from those who want to try something new to those who have enjoyed previous gymnastics training and wish to progress further. The classes are also ideal for those who wish to do Gymnastics as part of their GCSE P.E.
The gymnasts are encouraged to work to achieve their own personal goals, and are invited to provide the coaches with a list of targets to work towards

Monday 19.00-20.00

Wednesday 19.00-20.00

Thursday 19.00-20.00

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This class is for anybody over the age of 16 wishing to participate in some form of fitness or gymnastics, and is also suitable for those doing gymnastics as part of their A-level in PE.

It is a flexible class where participants have the option of either following a set plan or working at their own pace on chosen skills and targets. As with Teen Gym, adults are encouraged to provide a list of goals they would like to achieve so that they can get the most out of their classes – this could be anything from improving fitness or strength to learning somersaults!

Tuesday 19.00-20.00 

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